How – Really Naira Propeller Works

How – Naira Propeller Works

How works,  Naira Propeller is a new Ponzi Scheme WEBSITE for Nigerian Get Rich Quick Guys and from the latest Reports They Pay Very well below is How works in Nigeria. Read and share.


New and fast growing mutual donation community! PROPEL SOMEONE AND GET PROPELLED! Life goes on!

300% Return

In Naira Propeller, you get 300% of the donation you make. Donation is strictly restricted to N10,000 only.

Active Support

Support is always there to assist you. Issues related to donation and registration are attended to top priority issues to support.

No Referrals

Though there’s a 10% referral bonus, getting a referral is not compulsory. Your 300% awaits you with or without referral.

Quick payment

Payment of 300% is made to every donations within 24 hours of propelling naira. A user makes payment within 24 hours of propelling naira or gets blocked and deleted.

Multiple account

Having multiple account is not allowed, and attracts termination of account without prior notice.


A user is expected to write a letter of testimony within 72 hours of receiving donation. Failure attracts account termination.

Remember that to Register with , is quite fast and easy, Naira Propeller Registration is just for those that needs the website, although is a Ponzi Scheme for Only Nigerian Get Money Rich Type , as stated earlier the website pays.