login and how registration works – Get N108,000 With N12,000 only login and how registration works – ₦108,000 With N12,000 only – If you haven’t heard about always pays then you are missing a lot. Members of this platform are free to do money anything they like (But don’t burn it).

N12, 000 can make you free financially for live on online, it can earn you good cash ( 12,000 to get N108,000) – 12,000 from 9 members within 21 days if you have the mind to try. Why not stop procrastinating and give always pays a trial.  You can get ₦108,000 credited into your bank account when you register and provide help via online.

The secret to earning faster on for you to activate your level one membership immediately after registration. If you delay to pay the person you are matched to pay, you will likely miss out from the people that will pay you. When you miss out your money is not gone, but you will wait longer.

There is absolutely no reason for you not to get your money on or before the 21 days. You won’t be forced to refer someone in other to get paid. Your payment has nothing to do with referral bonus on network.

Just register and pay the person you are supposed to pay, after payment, upload your prove of payment and wait patiently to be approved by the person. Once your account is approved, you can login and start welcoming guys and girls that will be matched to pay you. It’s so simple and that’s how always pays works.

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Another way to earn faster

You can enjoy credit alert from 9 other members within 72 hours (3 days – No more 21 days) if you can register someone using your link. I know you will be asking how you can know your always pays referral link online? When you activate your level one membership on, you will see your registration referral link. If you share the link with your friends, you will earn faster and better.

Will I lose my money if I have no one to register?

You won’t lose your money okay, I am a member of I have seen some people earn their cash without bringing a single soul.  Below is the little break down on how things work on always pays after registration and login.

Join and Upgrade to Level 1 with just ₦12,000 naira ($25)

Invite three friends with your link to receive ₦12,000 ($25) from Nine(9) members by our Matching System a total of ₦108,000 within 72 hours.

Then Upgrade to level 2 on receive ₦33,600 ($70) from 27 members each. A total of ₦907,200.00 naira ($1,890.00) within 9 days.

Then you are done with the total level which is Level 2.

Kindly note that, we have written this just to educate those who will like to change their finance for good. Earn huge from now and tell the story to your friends. So simple – you can Chat me on whatsapp – Don’t call please (So many phone calls). I am a member of always pays Nigeria and not the admin. This is a review about how always pays works. Its written on if you want to chat with me kindly whatsaap me only via 08188407688. (I am a member on –  Lets chat and get to know each other).