Women try to seduce me but I love my wife – Actor Saka

It’s not easy for a Naija entertainer to go through a year without getting his/her fingers burnt in one way or another. Popular comic actor and MTN ambassador, Hafeez Oyetoro, aka Saka, has every reason to be grateful to God.

He said his biggest triumph in the past year was his ability to overcome temptation from some of his numerous female admirers, especially now that he has money.

Speaking with Punch, Saka said, “If you are a celebrity, women will always come to you. Most of the time, their intention is to seduce you. Well, in 2016, some of them tried to seduce me and to make me do certain things that I had sworn never to do when I got married. But, I thank God that I was able to resist them. It was not by my power; God gave me the grace to resist them,” he said.

The actor almost swore that he had never had an extra-marital affair since he got married. “Why should I? My wife is young and very pretty. Besides, it is not in my character to be chasing women around.”