Update: Lady Who Followed Her Friend To A “Church” In Lagos And Started Acting Mad Reveals Information About Her Family

The lady who made the heartbreaking story of Oluchi Nkiruka Nwabueze go viral, Tina Uche, has given an update on her condition.

Oluchi then revealed more information to Tina on the names of her family members and more..

Tina wrote;

I want to appreciate my known and unknown friends that
took it upon themselves in helping to help Oluchi.
There are 2 plans. 1. To get the attention of Lagos state ministry in charge of such cases or any NGO. 2. To get across to her family down East.
As the first option is not getting any green light, thank God people from Naze are bombarding my inbox with information. Again, that is to say the information she gave is apt.
Today I went to see how she is doing.
To my shock, she was expecting me. You know what that means.
Please I want to apologize for responding late to some of your mails
My battery went dead, as a result of over use.
My good friends let discusions, re- broadcast, way forward on plan B continue.