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Please How can i “SIGNUP AND REGISTER WITH TWINKAS.COM NIGERIA”  i heard that the website is Offering a Huge Bonus wich is upto 65% Bonus , Can somebody lecture me on How it works in Nigeria , Thanks , Whats’s the Real website to Login & Signup , Please use the Comment Box below , Thanks


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We have succesfully revised all technical and logical issues about the front-end. However, we have provided you with mobile numbers to help facilitate the process.

We are gradually restoring our CRM Modules (Live Chat, Ticket, Mobile Calls) to enable us get in touch with you regualarly.

We have switched to STRICT MODE. Meaning zero tolerance. Hence, we will not entertain any form of uncanny behaviour from sponsors/downlines. | Login & Signup | How It Works 65% Bonus

1. If a sponsors mobile is switched off or not answering calls for about 6 Hours, Twinkas will have that account blocked.
2. Always be online if you must suceed with Twinkas
3. If a sponsor fails to activate his/her referral after receiving payment,Twinkas will have that account and subsequent accounts connected to your bank and mobile number blocked.

4. You are advised to have an online banking Application on your mobile phone to help facilitate the process.
5. Mobile numbers will be displayed on your dashboard. Please save them and do not receive any call from other lines claiming to have emanated from Twinkas.

Warning: Please do not pester any of these numbers for trivial Issues. These numbers should be called only in the cases of emmergency, hacked accounts or other serious Twinkas related issues. Use the “Live Support” and the Ticketing System (Still in View) for only serious TwinkasIssues also. We know those working hard for Twinkas, your reward will be a surprise!

Happy Twinking! – Twink D’ Twink.
WhatsApp: +2348188407688

Twinkas is new peer 2peer charity site launched by Dubai charity group in December, which offers 100% profit on every donation made.

NOTE this isn’t a WhatsApp pH&GH scam. Its a genuine site.!

There re 4 packages which you’re to choose from;
5k package = you get 10k
10k package = you get 20k
20k package = you get 40k
50k package = you get 100k

This isn’t a referral program which forces you to bring someone before you get paid; pairing is automatic & random.

benefits of twinkas
**no mavro growth
**profit fixed
**cash out varies between 2days -21 days
** you can change whom you’re paired with
**pairing is instant
**24hrs payment window
**no central account

Hurry now to join twinkas , the new & stable train with more benefits loading.