Twinkas Registration & How It Works In Nigeria – Get 300% For Login & Sign Up –

Twinkas Registration & How It Works – Get 300% For Login & Sign Up – Another money making machine programme has emanated in Nigeria and this time, we have the name called twincas. TWINCAS is a Peer to Peer Donation and Mutual aid fund scheme for member to help other members in an efficient way.

How Does Twinkas Nigeria Works?

TwinKaS work as Mmm but not actually like Mmm because you will get 200% return in any amount you offer. A sweet part of it is that there are no obligations to force members to join your down-line. No spillover business.

The system was designed to work with you. So do not ask people to return before you can pay.

When you enter, you will need to donate the sum of either N5000, N10,000, N20,000 or N50,000 to fellow gently placed through the system, or a direct link will ensure free, and then the system will automatically put 2 other registered people under the spillovers that will pay you enter the amount of any bank account, 200% (ie 200% of N5,000 N10,000, 200% of N10,000 N20,000, 200% of N20,000 N40,000 200% of N50,000 N100,000).

Click here to join twikas now

Get 300% for Login & Sign Up

You can also use the link to invite members to earn more money in the E-Wallet. After you have received payment from 2 people under you, then, the system will automatically Exit and allows unlimited registered in a package you choose.
All donations are made directly to the merchant bank account. Share your link to people and make the world a better place.
Twinkas is serious work to the extent that once you open your account, you just 24hours to make you pay or the system will delete immediately

Twinkas packages

5000 TO GET 10000 [THAT IS 200% example. X2 OF THE money awarded
10000 TO GET 20000 [THAT IS 200% Standard. X2 OF THE money awarded
20000 TO GET 40000 [THAT IS 200% example. X2 OF THE money awarded
50000 TO GET 100000 [THAT IS 200% example. X2 OF THE money awarded

How to Register Twinkas Nigeria

Before you join / create account with twinkas sure you can make your payments that you are released and the system will take you, after 24 hours.
1. to register Click here to create your winKaS account, click Create Your Account Now in a new page will open, and then select the level you want to start by clicking the sign up on the list level you want.


  1. After a new page where you can fill your details will open. After filling all the details, click Create Account and you’re done
  2. before you can see that you pay, you must choose a package, so just scroll down on Twinkas ahead and click on the Join now a package for you to see that you pay.

 Click here to join twikas now