‘Senior’ S*x Workers Attack ‘Junior’ Colleagues For Charging Less

Ghanaian sex workers in Koforidua, the capital of the Eastern Region, are currently engaged in a free-for-all fight after the ‘seniors’ among them began attacking their junior colleagues over claims that they were charging clients cheaper and taking all the business.

According to Modern Ghana, the seniors who have been in the business for too long, charge customers as much as 50 Ghanaian Cedis (Ghc50), but they began losing out after the juniors took to charging their client as little as 10 Ghanaian Cedis (Ghc10).

This caused several altercations that has now degenerated into a messy fight in their community, which has gone as far as the senior workers vowing to ‘deal’ with the group of girls ruining their business.

A senor colleague told the press;

“Instead of charging GH¢50, these young ones just accept GH¢10, which has taken the attention of men from the seniors,”

However, the accused group of workers did not confirm the allegation leveled against them.
One of the junior workers told the press;

“The senior ones have been harassing us for a long time now due to reasons best known to them”.