Sad Story of How Big Boy Okebata Was Killed after Building His Own House

Chuks Okebata was at one time in the US Army and he just completed his own mansion in his hometown. He’s said to having issues with his wife before he was killed. A source said anyone with clue to get those who killed him will get N2.5m.

Read what Okebata’s sister Lilian Ndiukwu wrote:
“What a wicked world…. who has done this to My BIG BRO? A USA veteran who just came back this Xmas after building his beautiful house (mansion) in the village not knowing that the enemies has an evil plan against him.
They abducted and shot him dead yesterday night. I Can’t believe this, can someone wake me up from this nightmare? Who did this to u Bro?
I could remember the last time we spoke on phone that whn u come bk, we will visit the LESS PRIVILEGE nd nt knowing dt this will be the last call we made. Can’t stop crying for you BRO CHUKS.
An iroko has fallen. Those that killed you will never know peace and their generation will never go unpunished. GOD WILL AVENGE FOR YOU R.I.P (LA NA UDO).