NEWS ‘I Can’t Land My Dream Job As A Mechanic Because Am So Beautiful – Mother-Of-Eight Lament

Marie Buchan,a mother-of-eight has said she is unable to get her dream job as mechanic because men keep trying it on with her.

Said when she is approached by garages to conduct work experience they are often ‘looking for something more’ and ‘not really after [her] working there’.

The 37-year-old, who previously complained about cuts to her £31,000 benefits, said some men in garages are ‘dirty big perverts’.

She added:

‘They’ll say things like, “What do you do when the kids aren’t around, would you fancy going for a drink, would there be anything else you’d like to do in the garage other than work on cars?”

‘You’ve got women in the police force, in the Army, we have the skills, it’s just that men see us as sex symbols.’

Ms Buchan said she is keen to put a stop to sexism in the car industry and prevent women from being ‘ripped off’ because of their gender.
She is expected to finish her diploma in March and is keen to work.

The former lapdancer previously caused fury when she appeared on This Morning.

She said she preferred saving her care worker wages for a boob job than using it for her family because ‘child tax credits and working tax credits pay for the kids’.

Ms Buchan previously worked as a carer to help with the cut in her yearly benefits by £6,000 but claims she realised she was worse off working.