Married Man Dies In Hotel Room After Taking S*x Drugs

A middle-aged man, identified as Samson, was found dead in a hotel room at Ugboroke in Uvwie area of Delta State after allegedly taking an overdose of s*x-enhancing drug.

It was said that the man, married with 3 kids, was found dead with his man-hood standing erect.

Sources close to the deceased said he had boasted in a beer parlour of his plan to use s*x-enhancing drug to impress a new girlfriend he had been wooing for three months.

Another source, who spoke in confidence, said the deceased, believed to be in his late 30s, had gone for the opening of a drinking bar, where he decided to visit a nearby chalet with his girlfriend.

The source said the victim had talked of having a great time with his lover, after taking two bottles of alcohol, and one of the friends suggested he should buy one over-the-counter “manpower” drug.

“After having intercourse for a long time, he could not eja-culate and must have died from the stress of the consistent hardness. He was overpowered by the drug and it was the first time he took such a drug.

“He is not much of a drinker. He is married and has three little children,” the source said.

Asked about the whereabouts of the lover, the source said she ran away on discovering that the man was dead while the corpse had been deposited at a morgue in Warri Central Hospital.

A senior police officer, who did not want to be quoted, confirmed the incident but said none of the families was interested in reporting the case to the Police.