Husband & Wife Die In Honeymoon, days after their wedding

What a tragedy! A bride has died after a gas explosion happened on her honeymoon. Same blast is said to have also killed her husband, 33yrs old Omer Baloch.

26yrs old Saniyah Ahmed lost her fight for life two weeks after the explosion. The husband suffered up to 95 percent burns and died the next day.

Police are now investigating if Saniyah, who suffered 50 per cent burns, was targeted in an “honour killing” in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Many ladies have died from the crazy honour killing act.

Saniyah’s father Aftab Ahmed said:
“Doctors told us she was totally out of danger but on Thursday morning she lost her battle for life. She has been buried next to her husband Omer’s grave. They could not live together in this life but will rest alongside each other for ever.”

The state-run gas department said the explosion was caused by a light being switched on after a leak.

A police official in Pakistan said:
“It looks an accident but we are also investigating on the line that it may be a pre-planned murder. We are interrogating relatives and witnesses.”