“From Age 15, Boko Haram Forced Me To Wed Three Men, I Had A Child By Each” – HIV Positive 20 Year Old Who Escaped From Sambisa Tells Her Chilling Story

In an interview with Uk Website, Daily Mirror, a lady who identified herself simply as Amina, revealed the horrors she went through in 5 years at the hands of her abductors.

According to Daily Mirror, 20 year old Amina fled the vast Sambisa forest in north east Nigeria, in a desperate bid to escape Islamic terror group Boko Haram after her 28 day old son fell ill and died..

She couldn’t go back to her demented captors after being captive for 5 years; she did not know what lay ahead. So she left him, under a tree, hoping on some irrational level it would protect him.

Beginning to whimper like a wounded animal, she remembers;

“I told my baby, ‘If you were alive I would never leave you. I have no choice, please forgive me’,”

Amina was one of thousands of girls across north east Nigeria who have been held captive by Boko Haram, but her story is probably the most harrowing ever told by an escapee.

She tells Daily Mirror Journalist, whom she met in Muna refugee camp in Maiduguri, five weeks after her escape;

“I was forced into marriage three times, and had a child with each husband,”

Her grief is overwhelming; the emotional scars lifelong as she revealed she has not yet begun the counselling offered by aid agencies like UNICEF, and cries as she reveals tests have just revealed her to be HIV positive.