Father of Twins Abandoned at Lagos Hospital says He Won’t Take His 2nd Wife Back

For deceiving and misleading him, Adeyemi Ademola, father of the twins abandoned by their birth mother, his second wife, at the Felken Maternity Centre, Lagos, has vowed not to take back his runaway wife, Sarah, even as he plans to relocate from his current abode.

Mr. Ademola who bared his mind at the Pedro Police Station, Somolu, where he had gone to claim the babies, said his wife deliberately deceived him that she had only two children whereas she already had six for another man. Like seriously?

It would be recalled that Sarah reportedly fled on the 16th December, 2016, abandoning her newborn babies almost a fortnight after birthing them on the 3rd of December, 2016.

The estranged mother, when contacted, claimed her disappearance from the hospital was as a result of her husband’s inability to settle the hospital bill. After the news of their inability to offset the hospital bill circulated, good Nigerians rose to their aid and settled the outstanding bill.

Cuddling the newborns in his arms, he dismissed reports that Sarah had returned to him.

Ademola said: “To set the records straight, my wife has not showed up since she fled on the 16th of December last year. Now that that Good Samaritans have intervened, by paying the remaining balance on the N150,000 bill, she is willing to come back.

“My question is, coming back to do what, when she had already said she didn’t need the babies. Coming back to the children could be very dangerous, so we are not going to take her back. All we need is assistance from Nigerians to raise the children,” he stated.

In an emotion-laden voice, he lamented: “Iya Ibeji (mother of twins) deliberately deceived me that she had two children whereas she has six. After the delivery of the twins, she confided in her closest friend that she does not need the children that the death of her first husband and the responsibility of taking care of the children he left along with the new babies, would be too much for her to bear. That is why she left.”

Further, he remarked: “I wish to relocate because the single room I am living presently at No.6 Odukoya Street, Bariga won’t be conducive for the new babies.

“Reports that we received donation from the Wife of the Lagos State Governor is a rumour, there was nothing of such. The only person that has presented cash gifts is Senator Ashafa, one NGO also presented cash.”