Failed Marriage Again? Muma Gee is no longer my wife, we are divorcing – Husband

I wish the couple had tried to use this new year to salvage their marriage, but they know what’s best.

Celebrity couple, Prince Eke and singer Muma Gee have decided to pack up their over four year-old marriage and go their separate ways.

Evidence that the marriage was heading for the rocks emerged recently when Eke posted a message on Instagram complaining that his wife had travelled to Abuja and abandoned their three children to him alone to care for.

The actor added, rather bitterly, that she was doing nothing in the Federal Capital Territory except hang out in night clubs in company with different men.

Reacting to the post, Muma Gee had claimed that she was in Abuja on an official assignment and not having fun as her estranged husband suspected.

But, in a recent development, the singer’s husband reportedly told a blogger that their marriage had unofficially ended three months ago.

The publication quoted Prince Eke as saying that he was no longer married to Muma Gee. Refusing to give reasons for the breakup, he said, “Muma Gee and I are separated and very soon we will be officially divorced. Let’s just say it didn’t work. We are not compatible. Talking about Muma Gee now is going to remind me of things I have forgotten. I have moved on and she has also moved on.”

To the fans of the couple, who have before now looked up to them as a shining example of what a celebrity marriage should be like, this is going to be quite disappointing.

The couple met in 2011, shortly after Muma Gee participated in the celebrity edition of the Gulder Ultimate Search reality TV show. One thing had led to another and they both got married.

Neither Muma Gee nor Prince had suspected that the passion that sustained their relationship would fizzle out so soon.

In fact, in an interview with a major Nigerian newspaper published in 2015, Muma Gee had expressed her disdain for divorce. Asked what she would if it ever came up, she had simply replied that she did not believe in it, saying, “My mother never divorced my father.”

Sadly, the situation today is different. More people need to start deploying prayers in their marriage.