19 Year Old Nigerian Girl Who Won The Miss Helsinki 2017 In Finland, Sparks Controversy

A 19 year old girl, originally from the Yoruba speaking part of Nigeria, Sephora Iklaba, was crowned Miss Helsinki on Friday. She took to Instagram thanking friends, family and followers for their support in the competition. But the beauty queen soon saw things fall apart when a bunch of furious Finns disagreed with her win.

Fans of the competition felt that Sephora should not have been able to enter as she was not born in Finland while others felt she was not beautiful enough. Hundreds, who felt she lack the good looks to win, took to social media to voice their opinions.

One Facebook user wrote: “Political correctness won. She’s damn ugly and not even from Finland.” Another commented: “This is disgraceful and biased.” And a third added: “It’s not that she’s black, it’s that she’s the least beautiful of all the entrants.”