You’ll Never Be One of Us… Kardashians reject their brother’s babymama Blac Chyna

Someone said there is too much conspiracy in the family, but there are more conspirators and acts of conspiracy in several families, just that those ones are not on television for all to see.

Anyway, plots are thicken in the Kardashian home. Just because Blac Chyna’s marrying a Kardashian doesn’t mean she can get in the club — the Kardashian sisters are going to war to block her from cashing in on their family name.

According to docs obtained by TMZ … Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney’s companies are opposing Chyna’s request to trademark “Angela Renee Kardashian” – which she was trying to lock down for use while working in entertainment, and also on social media.

The sisters throw down the gauntlet in documents, saying if Chyna gets the trademark they’ll “suffer damage including irreparable injury to their reputation and goodwill.”

Translation: stay in your ex-stripper lane…you’re not one of us.

This is nasty. In the documents, they say Chyna is “deliberately seeking to profit from the goodwill and popularity” of the Kardashian name. And the sisters are determined not to allow her. Lol!