Women, Don’t Pressurize Your Husband Into Corrupt Acts

A major offensive aimed at taming the monster of corruption in Nigeria was unveiled, yesterday, by the EFCC in conjunction with wife of the President, Aisha Buhari, with calls for more involvement of women in the anti-graft fight.
Former Chief Justice of the Nigeria, Madam Mariam Aloma Mukhtar, who was the Guest Speaker at the event, pleaded with women not to tempt their husbands into living above their means and getting into corrupt practices in the process.
Mukhtar said women who engage in such practices lead their husband into yielding to the temptation of corruption, as they could be caught and destroy the family.
The respected woman said, “Once women jettison the virtue of contentment and develop the habit of keeping with the Joneses, so to speak, they contribute to corruption by influencing the men folk who sometimes bow and succumb to corrupt practices in order to please and satisfy their wives.”
Most men who live above their means do it to please women. Later both of you will suffer for it.