Wife Cries Out Over Domestic Violence; shares photos of her bruised body

Some women can actually push you to the brink with their mouth and actions, but as a man the wise thing to do is to walk away, either temporarily or for good, depending on the situation.

Never allow yourself get physical with your woman for any reason whatsoever. Nobody will support you, even if she stab you, people will still laugh at you and call you woman wrapper. So, avoid it.

The lady above, identified as Yolo Pityana, shared her story online. According to her, she got those bruises on Christmas day – December 25th – from her husband.
The South African lady wrote: “Today I break the silence. This is how I spent my Christmas of 2016. In pain and hurt. I have been beaten, and cheated on and abused for the past 2 years by my husband. Women love does not hurt and only God will complete you.

I prayed, I forgave, I gave 2nd, 3rd and many chances for him to change. However the pain never stopped. Ladies. Love like you never been hurt before, but most of all love yourself more, not to stay longer than the first time. Leave leave leave. This has been the best example of my life on how God speaks and we decide to ignore that voice that says NO… Ladies listen to the inner voice”.

Men, nothing is too big to forgive or let go. Please stop all forms of violence.