The Secret Behind Donation Hub

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  1. Don’t reserve or pledge to make a donation if you not ready to make a donation, this platform is for participants willing to donate freely.
  2. Make sure to send accurately the full donation to eliminate confirmation delay from recipient side.
  3. Make use of available online currency converter(google, to get exact amount in your local currency and confirm with recipient the funds you’re sending before sending to reduce frustration.
  4. When donating bitcoins, accurately copy the bitcoin address (account) correctly and remember to send exact bitcoin amount, make use of google to ask how much u get from your currency to bitcoins or from USD to bitcoins.
  5. The maximum donation you can reserve at a time is two donations to give an opportunity to other participants to donate.
  6. Take use of online chatroom/sms/whatsapp or call to contact the recipient to make the easiest fund transfer possible.
  7. Adapt the new technology of Bitcoin currency, start donating in bitcoins for the fastest almost free transaction to another participant.


  1. Don’t confirm donation that you have not received in your account whether local transfer, bitcoins, eft, mobile money or any other fund processing options accepted.
  2. Once you receive fund, do confirm in the system immediately and communicate with the donor to confirm on his/her side in the system for donor’s donation to be scheduled.
  3. If no donation received from donor after reservation for maximum 15 hours and no communication, lodge a complaint and the support will reschedule your reserved donation and that donor will be suspended or blocked permanently.
  4. Be available online when you’re expecting a donation to make it easier and quick to complete the transaction with donor in real time.


The system holds a percentage between 20% of your incoming donation in order for users to re-donate and once you donate again, your hold percentage is then released to the next donation. For more details, read Re-commit concept page.


The Donation Hub platform offer $15 referral bonus for every new user you help to sign up and make their first donation. That’s to motivate participants and to work together towards one common goal, your bonus is added to your incoming or hold donations automatically.

Contact support for more help