Seriously? Bride & Groom collapse in Church after husband’s father disrupt wedding

A shocking drama took place in Kilimanjaro area of Moshi when a Tanzanian woman and her groom collapsed in church last weekend after the groom’s father openly opposed the formalisation of the couple’s union.

According to Mwananchi Newspaper, Yohana Mohammed and Rose Sembeye were rushed to the hospital after collapsing because the groom’s father had waited outside the wedding venue until the two were about to exchange their wedding vows when he stormed into the church and demanded that the wedding be stopped.

Yohana and Rose both collapsed before they could exchange their wedding vows. They were rushed to a nearby hospital, where first aid was administered on them.

The couple were discharged around 5pm.

The media was unable to confirm if they will still go ahead with the marriage or not.