Question And Answers About Donation Hub

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Q) How does Donation Hub Platform works?

Donation Hub is a donation exchange platform and a social networking for all people of universe with access to internet. We exchange donations and receive gratitude in return to fulfill one another dreams. For instance if one wishing to buy a new phone, computer or any big wish you ever dreamt of in life but you accomplish it alone. There are millions of good hearted folks around global to connect with and share.

Q) Forgotten login?

Click on “Forgot Password” just below the Login detail, type in the email address used to signup then the system will send you email with a new password.

Q) Who to contact for support?

Support is available 24/5days a week and responds in timely manner.

Q) What currency used on the platform?

The platform accepts all currencies including Bitcoins. You can add up to two payment processor in your account.

Q) Does Donation Hub accept international participants?

Yes, the platform is used globally and we encourage users to take advantage of bitcoins crypto currency.

Q) What are Bitcoins?

Bitcoins and other coins are alternative currencies knows as crypto currencies which can be used to buy goods and services in many countries globally. They are easy to transfer and can be sent to anyone anywhere in the world with a click of a button with nearly no transaction charges.

Q) What is the advantage of Bitcoins?

The ability and freedom to control your own money, Bitcoins are the cheapest currency to transact and its accepted internationally. There’s no limit influences like banks, middlemen or holidays. Actually you have the full control of your money and the freedom to buy, sell and transfer to anyone around the world.

Q) Is it easy and quick to sell my bitcoin’s if I want my money?

Bitcoins are easily sold for cash online and then you can simply withdraw your money into your bank account the entire process takes just a day and the fees and nominal.

Q) What is a bitcoin wallet?

A Bitcoin wallet is software that is on your computer where you can keep your Bitcoins. It is important to remember that if you keep your “coins” in a wallet on your computer you must have a backup because if something goes wrong (computer is stolen, computer falls in the pool, hard drive crashes ect) your “coins” are lost forever! You can also password protect your wallet BUT if you forget your password there is no password recovery and your “coins” are stuck and essentially lost forever! The good part about having your own wallet is that your coins are totally under your control and are safe from any third party!

Q) Who owns the bitcoin Currency?

The bitcoin network and infrastructure is not owned by anyone or any company! It is a totally decentralized network. It is similar to the internet or email, it is controlled by the people like you and me that use it. This gives us the certainty that no one can turn it off as no single company controls it!

Q) How to get in contact with donation recipient?

Once you decide how much you want to donate, select recipient and the system will display the complete details of the recipient and fund transfer options.

Q) The in-chat app interaction?

Donation Hub is an online social and donation exchange platform, so we have integrated application to chat to other participants in real-time eliminating cost to call donor or recipient.

Q) Where do I find the participant to make donation?

When you login onto your account, on the left side menu, you will find most functions on our platform and you click on donation, the list will be presented to you, select recipient of your choice and proceed with donation amount.

Q) What is hold donation?

When you receive a donation from another participant, the system holds a percentage of your expected donation and keeps it until you recommit another donation and then your hold percentage is released with your incoming donation.

Q) Where do I find my donation transactions?

When you check on your left side menu, you can navigate to hold, outgoing and incoming donation. That’s where you find all participants who have donated to you and whom you have made donation to.