Pastor Dies In Hotel Room From Overdose Of “Man Power”

A Kenyan pastor identified as Pastor John Olang Abluza, has reportedly died from overdose of Viagra after checking into a hotel room with his secret lover.

According to eDaily , the body of the 60-year-old Abluza, who was also a professional surveyor, was discovered naked inside the hotel room in a city called Oyugis which is in the Homa Bay County, while the woman he went with was nowhere to be found.

The pastor had booked a room in the lodging facility at around 5 pm on the day of the incident and in anticipation of an all-night se;x rom;p with the woman, he took an overdose of the Viagra and less than 30 minutes after they went into the room, the woman was seen hurriedly leaving the hotel without the pastor.

The hotel management called in the police after discovering the body of the late pastor though the identity of the woman could not be ascertained.