Outrage As Hardcore P0rn Is Filmed At Australian Railway Station (Photos)

Authorities in Australia have been left shocked after discovering that an amateur po’rn video was shot on a suburban train station in Australia.

The video, which has almost 20,000 views was uploaded to an adult website in April this year, but however it was just discovered by authorities.The eight-minute video, Trainline Tramp shows a man and a woman, in a revealing skirt and top, performing a number of se,x acts at North Shore Railway Station, in Victoria.

Wearing a mask that covers her face, she begins by attempting to spray paint a shelter before a man dressed in a backpack and cap stops her, his face also covered.The pair then have se,x.

V/Line spokesman Rob Curtain confirmed they were well aware of the film but would not comment further other than to say the company was “appalled” by the offensive behaviour in the film.

Mr Curtin said the firm was working with Victoria Police to try and find those responsible.

Victoria Police said transit police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the video which was filmed at an unknown date.