“Nigerian Men Are Naughty, They Only Want To Press Bum Bum” – Lady Blast Nigerian Men

An angry Twitter user @Nwanyi_abagana, took to her page to blast Nigerian men over their ‘bad behaviour’ of only wanting to fire down when they visit young ladies instead of it being platonic..

She wrote:

“Every time you are meeting up with a guy, you have to mention that it is purely platonic. If not they will start trying to press bum bum.

“Nigerian men. So badly behaved. I used to be embarrassed (on their behalf) to put the caveat but these days I don’t have time anymore.

“This is how I now roll. “Excuse me, if you try to touch me, I am kicking you out of my house.” Better for him to be embarrassed abeg.

“Because I don’t understand the sense of entitlement. An invite to my house is not an invitation to touch me. Nonsense behavior.

“Other men I have met don’t behave like this. But EVERY Nigerian man I have invited to my house, has tried to touch me.

“It is rape culture. And we have to start talking.

“You can’t come to my house, eat my food, drink my water, enjoy my company and refuse to get your hands off when I say no. Mbanu.

“Some will even be fighting with you like it is their right. I’ve heard things like “but I came all the way”. Don’t be foolish please.

“And yes sometimes she ended up succumbing to pressure (this happens a lot) because you just won’t let it go. Doesn’t make it right.

“If she says no the first time. Leave her alone. Simple. Don’t keep trying so she can change her mind. Let her change her mine on her own.

“Once I see traces of this type of behavior in a guy, I’m done fam. You ain’t seeing me again. Shey you’ve pressed bumbum? Be going. Nonsense”