MMM launch in Ghana, Kenya: Nigerians go crazy

While Mavrodi Mondial Moneybox (MMM), the world’s largest Ponzi schemes of all time, is conquering the African continent, Nigerians who were denied access to their accounts for about a month can’t keep mum.

Some MMM members and just concerned citizens took to social media to comment on the recent launch of the sceme in Kenya and Ghana.



Queendalyn Adaeze Chynma: Wow! So close! I hope they give 50% return over there instead of the 30% they gave here. I regret not joining it till they went for Christmas holiday. Am relocating to Ghana. Can’t miss the opportunity of becoming a millionaire the second time.

Nelson Asegiemhe: MMM don dey those countries since naw… If you check their list of countries, u will see they are there, even in the USA, MMM is runing there… MMM have not crashed at least until January, if they don’t return, then you guys can criticize all you want, but for now just PAUSE!!! and shhhhh…

Chris Jim White: that wasnt a lie. tho i wasnt directly involved, i know many who made millions thru mmm within a short period.

Don Martino: Ghanians will be the next to get scammed by this ponzi scheme.

Prince Reggie: Ghanaians are not as timid as Nigerians, they won’t take it hook line and sinker like Nigerians…but who knows, money has a way of making people become stupid.

Blessing Anyanwu: So the reasons they gave for temporary freezing of Nigerian MMM account doesn’t apply to Ghana, Kenya and other African countries which could be in their checklist. And why haven’t they restored South Africas after 7 months of temporary closure? I’m just curious because people really believe in them and there is so much hardship in the country so let’s no make it worse.