MMM Enters Kenya as mysterious site promise to refund Nigerians

Ponzi scheme, MMM, has moved to Kenya after it froze monies of it over 3 million Nigerian participants.

JUST IN: MMM runs to Kenya as mysterious site promise to refund Nigerians

MMM runs to Kenya as mysterious site promise to refund Nigerians

In Kenya, the scheme has promised a 40% profit for every investment ( help provided) by participants unlike the 30% return for people who participated in the pyramid scheme in Nigeria and South Africa.

MMM Kenya domain’s name was registered in 133, Sakura House in Tokyo, Japan with the name “Anonymous Speech.”

Just like Nigeria, MMM Kenya already has a Facebook account and YouTube account.

The Ponzi scheme has already crashed in South Africa and Zimbabwe

Meanwhile a mysterious website has popped up claiming to refund MMM Nigerian investors.

Recall that MMM had frozen mavros of participants for one month and its Nigerian operators recently said the ban might be lifted within days.

However, on the MMM Reclaim website, it specified that it will help MMM Nigerian participants reclaim their Mavros.

“Nobody deserves to be made to suffer for helping others. We will help you reclaim your Mavros,” the website said.

To reclaim your Mavros, the site requires you to fill in the name and email you used to register your MMM account but the method of how the investors can reclaim their money is also not specified on the website.

However, cannot confirm if the site is authentic and operated by promoters of MMM in Nigeria as a guider in the scheme promised to get back to us when our reporter spoke with him.

“I can’t confirm this. I’m just seeing it also. I will get back to you once I have information about this MMM Reclaim,” he said.