Man Cuts Off His P*nis After His Wife Refused S*x (Photos)

A se’xually frustrated man took out the anger on his poor, innocent genital by cutting it after his wife refused his advances.

The 37 year old identified as Ghasi Ram came home drunk and wanted to have s’ex with his wife, Manjhri Devi but after she refused, he decided it was of no use to him as he claimed they hadn’t knacked in 10 years.He stormed out of the room and went into the kitchen as his 34-year-old wife watched in horror, he grabbed a kitchen knife and sliced off his penis, before collapsing on the floor.

She called for help from the couple’s neighbours before a local doctor came to treat him.The pair, from a village in Uttar Pradesh in northern India, have been married for 18 years. They have a daughter and two sons together.

Ghasi said:

“I was frustrated. We have not had sex for the last ten or 12 years. “She would never make love to me. She will not sit close to me and always refuses my demands.”

His wife said:

“He would come home drinking every night and never listened to me or cared for me.

“I just simply said no to him as he was drunk and I was very angry with him.

“Now he is blaming me for all this when I have done nothing.

“He has lost his mind.”