Man Calls Off Wedding after Catching His Lady Cheating Just Days to Their Wedding

If I talk on this matter the way it’s in my mind, some of you will say Olu Famous don start again. But seriously, why are some ladies bent on carrying their prostitution lifestyle into marriage?

When you know you are not ready for marriage why allow a man to be wasting money making plans, taking pre-wedding pictures with you and all? A lady having relationship with several men is just a disaster waiting to happen. Even if you’re not caught, when you enter marriage it won’t last.

Now it has happened again. A wedding billed to take place on 29th December 2016 was cancelled after the husband-to-be, Izuchukwu Ekweanua Anthony found out his wife to be, Uchechukwu was dating another man secretly days before their wedding.

The lady too came online to confirm that their marriage has been cancelled and her friend was trying to praise her but her own cousin, Nnamdi, exposed everything… she was caught cheating.