Jealous Husband Sets Wife On Fire In Car Over Suspicion That She Was Cheating

Onlookers were left horrified on Tuesday morning, after a jealous husband set his wife on fire on the suspicion that she was cheating following vicious argument on the steps of Bangkok’s Marriott Marquis hotel.

The man identified as Somboon Phondee then dragged his partner, Sophitta into the car and doused her in a paint thinner before proceeding to light her up.According to eyewitnesses at the scene, who immediately rushed to put out the flame after they saw a huge “puff of smoke” from the passenger side of the car as the 39-year-old screamed for help, the culprit also ended up burnt as they managed to drag the hysterical hotel worker out before she collapsed on the ground.

The eyewitness said;

”The poor girl was very badly burned, poor her. She was screaming and crying. It was so very very bad,”

”People were running to get water and a fire extinguisher to help her. And they put the fire out in the car and on the man. The man was burned too. He sat there on the pavement and then the woman said something about what he had done.”

Taxi drivers and motorcyclists gathered round Phondee until the police came and took both him and his wife away in separate ambulances.

A spokesman for the Royal Thai Police said they have arrested the man but they are currently reviewing the incident to see what the charges should be.