Everything You Need To Know About Donation Hub

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Donation Hub is an online donation exchange and social network, a global platform to connect users with access to internet and a minimum of $35 or more qualify to earn an incentive of (20% – 50%) percentage from 48hrs to 30days based on supply and demand state. The system is designed based on latest technology with peer to peer concept and cryptocurrency.

There’s no turning back now. The cryptocurrency revolution is well on its way. Blockchain technology has penetrated many different industries and has become a buzzword amongst banksters and regulators. The next 10 years are going to be some of the most exciting for humanity as the current paradigms come crashing down, to be replaced by decentralized private and secure peer-to-peer systems. We’re excited about what’s to come and want you to join us in this excitement.

When you join Donation Hub and contribute $35 or more, you become an active member and your life begins to change for a better with the privilege of affording to a basic living, might be a holiday trip, a loan, finishing house bond amongst other benefits.

Donation Hub is a group of ordinary people, selflessly helping one another, a Global mutual aid from global communities with the mission to close the gap between the privileged and less privileged.

It is to enlighten Donation Hub members about the easy ways of fulfilling long dreamt wishes in both short and long terms, supporting people’s transformation and fulfilling their life dreams.

Donation Hub is not a financial institution. It’s a worldwide donation and social platform and no donations collect from users of the platform. This is an opportunity to connect people around the world to share possibilities and accomplish financial strain. Donation Hub only works as online social channel to connect participants worldwide and there is no central account.

At Donation Hub, we aim to empower and improve on individual standard of living, everything is very simple and straight forward: one participant make a donation of his choice to other participant and in return, the donor receive an incentive plus donated amount in pre-stipulated timeframe.


  1. To be a leading online donation Exchange platform around the globe that is inspiring people to help others making a positive economic and social change in their lives.
  2. Out main aim is to connect people globally through donation exchange, sharing has never been so interesting and life enrichment on this platform.
  3. We don’t promise getting rich or become a millionaire on our platform but one can be unbound from financial difficulties and that’s our main priority.
  4. We plan to generated revenue for our dedicated servers and administration budget through ads revenue placed on our website.
  5. Based on our strategic plan, we expect to change lives globally; we believe that we are on the face of the earth to make great change in life.
  6. We are constantly focusing on innovating. We believe in the simple not the complex. We believe that we need to own and control our lives.
  7. To help people enjoy life, afford financial needs as well as cost of living which has skyrocketed in recent years and life affordability is more and more expensive.
  8. We aiming at focusing on personal development and not to get distracted by empty promise systems that don’t last a day or two because of greediness and selfishness amongst participant.
  9. Our vision is to bring people globally together to fight financial strain that have left countless in debts and unable to afford grocery in their mortgage homes.

Our platform warmly welcomes all individuals globally from 18yrs and above with the intention to fulfill their dreams.

Go ahead and take the first step, signup and take a moment to educate yourself how the system works and remember that success is the sum of small efforts, repeated over time to create freedom in our lives.