Couple Married For 64 Years Die Minutes Apart Holding Each Other’s Hand

A couple, who had been married for 64 years spent their final few moments together clutching each other’s hands tightly before dying minutes apart in neighbouring hospital beds.

83 year old Dolores Winstead, and her 88 year old husband Trent Winstead, from Tennessee died in Nashville’s Saint Thomas West Hospital – five weeks short of their 64th wedding anniversary.

According to Daily Mirror, Dolores had been completely healthy when Trent was admitted over his failing kidneys.
They had been by each other’s side for six decades.

With their children Eddie and Sheryl, she watched over him as his condition worsened and he was moved to intensive care.

Then on December 7 Dolores suddenly began to complain of a headache and was taken ill.

Dolores died first, with Trent blowing her a kiss when he was told she had passed before then dying himself a few hours later.

Sheryl told the Washington Post :

“Because she was gone, he just could not handle it. We just watched him died.I hadn’t thought about it this way at the time. (He) literally, he died of a broken heart.