Any fool can make a child but it takes a Man to raise a child – Oge Okoye calls out ex-husband

I have issues with ladies who do this. Any fool can also get pregnant for a man, but it takes a lady who’s well trained and groomed by a mother who respects her husband to be a good wife.

If you have issues with your husband or ex-husband, you can’t expect everything to be smooth. You have to try your best not to be enemies with him, at least for the sake of the child or children.

Recall that Stanley Duru was dating actress Nkiru Sylvanus before they had issues and the same Oge Okoye was said to have snatched him. Back then she was flaunting him and enjoying.

Oge got pregnant and they did some kind of introduction but the marriage later crashed.

Now she’s posting about “any fool can make a baby…” People should just learn to live responsibly.