Woman Who Filmed Herself Having Cex With Dog Bursts Into Tears After She’s Sent To Jail

A young woman identified as Jenna Louise Driscoll, who admitted to having se’x with a dog, burst into tears when she was told she will await her sentencing in jail.
According to the Brisbane District Court, 27-year-old Driscoll who pleaded guilty to three bestiality charges, said her ex-boyfriend filmed her having se’x with the dog on one occasion and later asked her to send through footage of more acts.

Crown prosecutor Dzenita Balic told the court:

“She was willing to do that,”

“There is some evidence to indicate the animal was hiding,”

Her sentencing hearing was told she had se’x with the animal three times between January and April 2014, which, Ms Balic said, seemed to be linked to the “attempted arousal” of her then-partner and that the evidence came to light when police unearthed messages and videos of the se’x acts on her phone.