See Shocking Photos Of Controversial South-African Pastor Riding His Church Members After Commanding Them To Behave Like ‘Horses’

Controversial South-African pastor Penuel Mnguni of the End Times Disciples Ministries is in the news again, this time for turning his members into horses then riding them…During a recent Sunday service on November 20, 2016, the ‘Man of God’ performed two ‘miracles’, he sent his church members to see heaven before he turned a young man to a horse and claimed he was “led by the Holy Spirit.”.

A post on the End Times Disciples Ministries’ Facebook page read:


The Prophet of God continued to demonstrate the power of God as he commanded the angels to take up one of the congregants and make him to climb on top of the pole, Immediately he was taken up by the angels.”

Another post read;

“As the Prophet of God was ministering being led by the Holy Spirit He send some of the congregants into a trance to go and see heaven. After when he called them back he asked what did they see and one said that he saw angels worshiping and another one said that she had a voice saying that we must forgive and forget and the last one said that she saw the book of the commandments.#AllThingsArePossibleWithGod To God Be The Glory!”