Teenage Girl Connived With Boyfriend To Kill Her Own Mother

…because she’s against their relationship.
When a child is not well trained, expect all kinds of nonsense. Young Jamie Silvonek is only 14, but her character is simply stupid. She speak with elders like they are her mate, acts anyhow.

So when this teenage girl caught the eye of an army cadet at a music gig in Pennsylvania in October 2014, Jamie who is just 14, lied to the guy, 20yrs old Caleb Barnes, that was about to turn 18.

She lived in Allentown and soldier Caleb was based two hours away in Fort Meade, Maryland, but they started a long-distance relationship.

However, Jamie soon had to admit that she was only 14. Caleb agreed to keep their relationship a secret and they sneaked around, hiding the relationship from Jamie’s parents, Cheryl and David.

But after five months her 54yrs old mum, Cheryl, caught the couple in bed together in the basement of her home. She brought the guy to have s*x with her in her parents house. Imagine!

Her mum was very furious and threw Caleb out, threatening to report him to the police for s*x with an underage girl.

“If she calls the cops, I’ll lose my job,” Caleb texted Jamie in a panic.

Jamie didn’t want to lose her boyfriend, the wild 14yrs old girl tried to persuade her mum that Caleb was 16. Caleb even bought a fake birth certificate online.

“I feel like with my skills I can convince her to give you another shot,” Jamie texted Caleb. “I need to regain my mother’s trust by convincing her you are really 16.”

Jamie was clever but Cheryl was no fool and told her daughter to stop seeing Caleb. Still, she refused to give him up.

She had tickets to go and watch the rock band Breaking Benjamin with Caleb and she told her mum that she had to go.

“I feel so desolate, mother,” she texted her. “My excitement for this had been the only thing getting me through. I’m going to have a mental breakdown. I need this.”

Cheryl reluctantly agreed that she could go – but insisted that she drive them. Jamie knew she’d won this battle, but there would be more to come. In the week leading up to the concert, Caleb and Jamie exchanged more text messages.

“She (my mum) needs to go, Caleb, right now,” she wrote. One from Caleb read: “I have knives picked out.” Jamie wrote, “Just do it.”
On the night of 14 March 2015, the mum Cheryl drove the pair to the concert and went back in the early hours of the next morning to pick them up. Then she disappeared.

Hours later, her SUV was found submerged in a pond a few miles from her home. It was covered in her blood. Police found her body nearby in a snow-covered shallow grave.

When police arrived at Cheryl’s home, her husband David had been looking for her. Jamie and Caleb were found n*ked in bed again – David didn’t even know Caleb was there.

“He’s a friend that mum knows about,” Jamie told her dad.

Jamie and Caleb were arrested. An autopsy revealed that Cheryl had been beaten, strangled and stabbed five times. One stab wound pierced an artery, spraying blood throughout her car. She’d valiantly fought back, but had been overpowered.

When questioned, Jamie’s story changed countless times. She said Caleb had r*ped her, then said she’d covered up the crime because he’d threatened her. Investigations revealed SMS between Jamie and Caleb in the car driving back from the concert talking about going through with their plan.

Caleb said he’d killed Jamie’s mum so they could be together, and revealed that she’d begged for her life in her final moments.

“Just take my daughter,” the mother had cried. “If you want her, take her.”

They were both charged with first-degree murder. While in prison, Jamie told a friend in a phone call, “I’m losing more sleep over the way I was betrayed than the fact that I killed someone.”

But she quickly became remorseful and changed her story when it came to facing a trial. She confessed to her part in the plot and made a plea deal. She agreed to testify against Caleb in return for a 35-year-to-life sentence.