Omg! See Pretty Nurse Caught After Allegedly Stealing A Baby At A Hospital (Photo)

Security men have arrested a female nurse who stole a baby from the mother after she had delivered through a caesarian operation.

A nurse attached to Joyce Clinic in Bukanga, Isingiro District has been arrested for allegedly stealing a baby from its mother at Mbarara Referral Hospital, The Monitor reports.

The woman identified as Joyce Koburungi, reportedly stole the new-born baby from Ms Monic Kiconco, who had a caesarian delivery.

It was gathered that the after operation, the mother of the baby was sent to the maternity ward to rest, it was during that period that Kobutungi allegedly went to the ward at about 11 pm with sleeping pills which she gave to Kiconco’s caretaker and instructed her to give them to the recuperating mother.

It is alleged that Kobutungi returned to the ward at about 2 pm when the mother was in deep sleep and walked out with the infant after telling other women in the ward that she was taking the baby for examination.

Mr Taban Chiriga, the officer in charge of criminal investigations said they arrested the suspect from Golden Monkey Lodges in Mbarara after suspicious members of the public alerted them.

He said suspect would be charged with trafficking in persons. The crime attracts a minimum sentence of death once convicted.

Mr Taban said they have learnt that the suspect has had difficulties in conceiving and had deceived her husband who is abroad, that she is pregnant.