Mother-Of-One Banned From Getting On Roller Coaster Because Her Bo’obs Were Too Big

A 22 year old mother-of-one was forced to watch her family enjoy the ride after she claimed she was allowed on the rollercoaster because her breasts were too large.

Tanya Willis, who wears a size 36L bra said she was forced to walk past hundreds of people queuing for Colossus at Thorpe Park when she was told she couldn’t go on it after paying £28.99 for her ticket..
Tanya told The Mirror:

‘They should realise that not everyone has a B cup. Some of us are bigger than that.

‘I’m not fat but the safety bars and seats are not designed for large-breasted women.

‘It was really embarrassing having to be chucked off a ride and do a walk of shame past everyone. It ruined my day and I wasn’t even offered a refund.’

“We had travelled all the way there so there was no point in them missing out because the ride could not accommodate my breasts.”