Is This Not Madness? Obese Woman Wakes From Coma To Marry Totally N*Ked In Front Of Many Guests (Photos)

A woman has done the unthinkable after waking up from coma and getting married totally n*ked to her heartrob in front of 700 people.

An Australian woman and her sweetheart left many dazed after they tied the knot totally n*ked in front of 700 people after she woke from a 31-day coma and lost her wedding dress.

Metro reports that Monique Penberthy, 31, developed the flesh-eating bug necrotising fasciitis, and doctors couldn’t say if she’d pull through. But after waking up, the dog trainer says she couldn’t face looking at her perfect dress again. So she suggested to her fiance Rowan, walking down the aisle in the nude instead.

The pair married at Confest – an alternative bush festival in Moulamein, New South Wales – wearing just a veil, necklace, top hat, and bow tie.

‘It was nothing like we’d planned, but everything we’d wished for,’ says Monique.

‘When I saw all the guests – those who were at the festival – waiting, and I was naked, I was terrified.

‘But when I looked around, and everyone was smiling and clapping, I was touched.’

Rowan and Monique had originally planned to have an Alice in Wonderland-themed ceremony on last Valentine’s Day, having met online two years earlier.

Doctors still don’t know how she contracted the bug and Monique had to have a section of her skin removed to rid of the infection and rotting flesh. Just before Christmas 2015, Monique woke up from the coma, but was forced to stay in hospital for 73 days until she was able to get back on her feet – and up the aisle.

‘I’d survived death so what did my weight matter?’ she says. ‘I wasn’t embarrassed.

‘I was more concerned about my hair looking okay, as it had fallen out in clumps since my coma, leaving me self-conscious.

‘After, everyone hugged and congratulated us. It was beautiful, a dream come true.’ she added.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the bacterial skin infection spreads quickly and kills the body’s tissue. Without prompt antibiotic treatment and surgery, necrotizing fasciitis can become deadly in a short amount of time.