Men Hurry Up… Halima Abubakar says she has 9 years before reaching menopause

In a swift reaction to the mounting criticism that trailed her online ‘revelation’ penultimate week that she was looking forward to losing her ‘virginity’ and having kids, sultry Nollywood actress, Halima Abubakar, lashed out at what she calls negative stereotype of women in the make-believe industry.

In a chat with Sunday Scoop, Abubakar was unapologetic about her claim of being ‘a vir-gin’ and took a swipe at doubting Thomases. Her words:

“Why would people become annoyed because I said I am a vir-gin? Just because I’m in the industry does not mean I am badly behaved. Not everyone is s*xually active. You can have a boyfriend and not be s*xually active. The reaction I got shows the mentality of the people. If I say I’m a vir-gin, I am and if I say I am not, then I am not.

“They tell me to go get married, should I go after someone else’s husband?”

Abubakar added, “Marriage will come when it will come, one doesnt need to force it. People are getting divorced with pregnancies because they got married under pressure. We should let people be. People are saying if you are not getting married, go and get kids because menopause is approaching. What kind of thing is that? Is it your menopause? I still have about nine years before I hit menopause all things being equal. I am not one of those people that will kill themselves because of marriage. I can’t have kids outside marriage.”

-Single men please look to her direction, Halima needs a man but not another woman’s husband. She is over 30, so its not easy to meet men holder than her who are not married, but it’s possible.

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