I slept with my daughter only 4 times, I’m not responsible for her pregnancy – Father

Many who heard the story of 43-year-old Gafar Hamza, who had allegedly been having s*x with his own daughter, 20-year-old Barakat (real name withheld), wondered what could make a man to choose his own blood for s*xual pleasure.

But the reality is that not only had he been sleeping with the young lady, she is currently carrying a pregnancy that is about four-month-old for her father.

Crime Reports learnt that Hamza, a night guard, was arrested by the Oyo State Police Command in June when a neighbour (names withheld) revealed his deeds to the police after he and his wife discovered that Barakat was pregnant and she claimed that her father was allegedly the owner. It was learnt that the father of two separated from his wife about 15 years ago when his second child, a male, was barely a year old.

Crime Reports learnt that Hamza’s children went to live with their paternal grandparents in Offa, Kwara State, years after their parents got separated. But Hamza’s neighbour reportedly went to Offa to plead with his mother to release the children to their father so that he could have someone to take care of house chores for him.

According to a source, who craved anonymity, the children’s grandmother was reluctant in releasing them, owing to what she perceived as irresponsibility on her son’s part, but agreed to the request after five days and assurance by the neighbour that the children would be staying with his family.

This arrangement was said to have held for a short period before the suspect complained that his neighbour’s wife was over-pampering his children in a way that would not help them in being skilled in performing house chores.

This led to the girl going to her father’s house every morning to help him out, but in the process, he started having sex with her. It was the frequent sex that eventually led to the girl being pregnant, Crime Reports was told.

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