23 Year Old Female Welder Shares Her Inspiring Story (Photos)

Miss Ozoalor was working at Caretime, a company producing hair relaxer and air freshener in Asaba prior to becoming a welder.

She said her interest in becoming a welder was inspired when she observed some welders living close to where she lived in about five years ago, then she was a teenager.

“I went into it because the place I live before was close to some welders’ workshops. “When I return from Caretime, I used to watch them from my house, at times they will tell me to help them do one thing or the other. There and then I began developing interest in welding. I thereafter told them I want to learn welding. They told me it’s not hard and that I can do it”. Miss Ozoalor, who attended Gateway to Success Secondary School in Ebu, Oshimili North council area of Delta State, learnt the welding for two years between 2012 and 2013 when she completed the training from her master, one Mr. Emeka Isichei.

For her, it was a smooth ride into becoming a welder as she did not pay any money beside meager agreement fee she paid to her master.

“My oga didn’t collect much money from me, he only collected agreement fee and he said I should pay anything I can afford because I’m a woman coming to learn a man’s work,” she said.

Against the desire of many parents who would want their female children to go into trades that are feminine in nature, her parents did not discourage her from the trade she has determined to do. Rather, her parents only warned against eye problem due to the radiation of the welding light,

“My parents were only telling me that I hope this thing will not injure me especially my eyes. I told them that it does not disturb me. They didn’t discourage me from learning this welding.

“At times my face will be appearing somehow because of the light but I was not discouraged from continuing the training. I was determined to learn it. I put my mind fully into it and I have learnt the whole thing in welding,” Miss Ozoalor said.

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